This is John Trumbull’s painting, Declaration of Independence, depicting Mr. Jefferson and his five-man drafting committee, presenting their work to Congress. The painting can be found on the back of the U.S. $2 bill. The original, which is 12′ x 18′, hangs in the US Capitol rotunda. I hope our representatives, who walk by this painting regularly, understand its significance. Link to a better copy of Mr. Trumbull’s painting….

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  1. Dave Hollist says:

    After contacting our hundreds of federal candidates, I am now corresponding with our thousand or so other candidates—hoping some will move to fill our national ranks. We have told our politicians that they cannot take our books, guns nor liquors . . . now we just need an amendment saying they cannot take our money. Thanks for your efforts to defend my freedom,

    1. How can a government operate without taxation?

    Before people unite to form something, such as a marriage or corporation, they usually create an image of what their relationship will be like. If this image differs greatly from what they experience, they usually separate.

    Problems may arise if any property was created during their union, such as a house or factory. Whatever caused their separation also may cause disagreements in dividing their united property. Ingeniously, many people solve this problem by writing a contract before they get together, stating how any property should be divided.

    Problems may still exist if people do not honor their contracts. To solve this, governments step in and divide any disputed property. If governments would charge for this valuable service, they could make the money to operate—without taxation.

    When people draw up a contract, they could purchase a contract insurance policy from their government. This would insure that all the partners would get what they deserve from their relationship. If someone did not follow the terms of the agreement, the government would have permission to distribute any common property according to the contract.

    Of course, no one would have to buy this insurance. People should be free to resolve any disagreements by talking with their partners. But if partners began taking from each other, this would be robbery, and the government should stop them. All uninsured partners would lose the use of their common property if they could not agree with each other.

    Today, most people buy fire and medical insurance to protect them against a major loss. Most people would buy contract insurance for the same reason. With all the contracts that are signed each day, our government could earn the money to maintain the best military, police, court and prison system in the world. This would protect all the people in our nation—without robbing us to do it.

    With this system, for the first time in history, people could live in peace. Our government would continue to defend each person’s home and business against criminals. The big improvement would be that the no-tax restriction added to our constitution would defend each person’s property against our government.

    With the elimination of robbery in our nation, we would find that we could satisfy all our other needs with much less effort. When people can keep what they earn, it does not take long for them to trade with each other and acquire what they need to live well. Peace and prosperity are possible for those who are willing to think about how to achieve them. http://www.LP4.org


    • With a much smaller government, we can fund it easily without taxes. Back in the day we relied on tariffs to run fund our gvernment. There are many lessons in history. We, as a nation, must pay much closer attention to history. Link….



      • Dave Hollist says:

        Ayn Rand presented this idea in her “Government Financing in a Free Society.”

        10. 1¶4: What would be the price of a contract insurance policy?

        One percent of the value being insured. For example—in order to buy a house—if I sign a contract with a bank to repay one hundred thousand dollars over a thirty year period, I would pay our government one thousand dollars per year to insure the deal. If I continue to make the agreed upon payments, I could enjoy my house without interference from anyone. Multiplying these common transactions by the number of Americans, our government could earn billions of dollars.

        This is the revolutionary idea: “our government could EARN”—just like what every other law abiding citizen has been doing since governments were invented. Instead of politicians bribing one group to impose a tax on another and then using that money to buy votes for the next tax, politicians would be elevated to the honorable status of people who provide a valuable service, and work to satisfy their customers. This new job description probably would not appeal to those who enter government to gain power over people—a great byproduct of contract insurance.

        If the one percent premium was too low to operate our government, our politicians could either increase their efficiency or raise the price. If the price was too high, either the voters could elect politicians who would lower it or people would be free to operate without contract insurance. With this innovation, we finally could bring government into the civilized world, where people offer value for value.


    • Jack Johnson says:

      Too many people would not but that insurance and it wouldn’t be long before it became mandatory. Before long we’re right where we are now. We need to quit the dreamy nonsense and concentrate on the practical.


    • michael cancelliere says:

      Sir , your suggestion is honorable, unfortunately ; our government is LAVISH in giving to others .


      • Dave Hollist says:

        Thank you Michael, the old parties extort trillions of tax dollars, and use them to buy votes—including the support of most media because of advertisement. Eventually their “LAVISH” lifestyle will come to an end when they run out of our money; hopefully we can at least publicly state what they are doing, and propose an alternative.

        Our nation does need intelligent Libertarian politicians applying for jobs—that pay well! Federal offices should be our first focus because fundamental change starts there. Once we get a slate of 269 candidates with a clear message, voters will have a choice for real improvement. We can’t make people think, but the pain that the old parties are increasingly inflicting on our neighbors should cause more and more to start. We should be ready! http://www.LP4.org


  2. Dave Hollist says:

    Jack and Thomas, there are “practical” consequences to not buying fire insurance, but that does not make it “mandatory.” It always strengthens an argument to include one’s own solution—not just insult others.

    9. Referring to answer number one (1) the fifth paragraph (¶5): What would happen to the property?

    The uninsured common property would remain right where it is until all its owners came to an agreement, although its value probably would decrease from lack of use. Since the purpose of government is to eliminate force from human relationships, anyone who tried to dispose of property that he or she did not solely own would be stopped from doing so by the government. After a while, the uninsured partners probably would begin to compromise and agree to a division of their common property—although probably not to the complete satisfaction of all. This potential loss of value in a relationship is the reason contract insurance would be a much sought after commodity.

    With contract insurance, people could enter agreements with the peace of mind of knowing that if they later decide that their relationship is not as beneficial as they originally thought it would be, they can take the value that they had created and move on. The highly developed capacity we humans have of specializing in a line of work that interests us and trading our products for those of others can be unleashed with the adoption of contract insurance. The first group of people to understand this principle will be rewarded with longer, healthier lives and the power to travel throughout the universe.

    We Libs (liber=free; Libertarian Party Liberals for Liberty, symbolized by the Statue of Liberty) are enjoying life without forcing anyone to do anything (YES, sign me up as a member of the Libertarian Party. To validate my membership, I certify that I oppose the initiation of force to achieve political or social goals.) It is sad that you feel compelled to rob (tax, “tariffs,” etc.) and dictate to (regulate) people in order to survive—please reconsider! We all live better by trading with, not hurting, others.


  3. Pol V says:

    I personally believe, and this is a bit off-topic, that the Republic, at least as we know it, is inherently doomed. I think we’ve passed the brink quite a few years ago but haven’t come to terms with it yet… but its going to hit us…and hit us hard. There is simply no way out of it short of collapse because the country is basically run by one party and has been at every level since the ’60s. I hear my very left-of-center friends complain about the “Far Right”…and I shake my head…”Far” Right? Really? Where? I would love some intelligent balance in our country but I don’t see any… and what would constitute a rightist these days anyway? My lefty friends would answer the fascist big business government or the xenophobic racist Nazis…however by American standards of freedom, both Nazism and Fascism require a strong central Fed-style govt… and at least philosophically, an American rightist (i.e. Libertarian) abhors that. My retort to my lefty friends is…the Left in the US runs 100% of the K-12 educational system. The university level is about 90-95% left-leaning. You run 90-95% of “the Media”- meaning all of its traditional venues of export; TV, film, stage and the printed word as well as all the non-seen positions behind the scenes. People who are openly left or left-leaning run virtually every aspect of the Fed govt, and state governments and have done so for decades. The Left has enjoyed four super majorities in Congress since the death of JFK. The Left also owns for the most part the entire legal profession with sycophantic state courts deciding which laws they will fight and which laws they will back. With this kind of power, the Left owns this place… I mean, what major venue of America do they not own? Sure, you might have the occasional GOP administration in a few states, even a lot of governors…but once these same governors stick up their heads as presidential candidates the Press goes crazy and wipes them out. So, I think we’re done. $18 trillion dollar debt with $1.4 trillion annual deficits, $62 trillion in unfunded mandates, with a majority of citizenry who believe the District of Columbia is in South America. Really?

    I think this is all a long-winded way of saying…all the ideas above are great…but not gonna happen. We’re being run by people intent on running us into the rocks…the same rocks they placed there.


    • Thanks for the thoughtful reply. I agree with a lot of that. I remember when Obama was running for president in 2008. I swore that there would be no way he would overcome the Jeremiah Wright/Goddamn America disaster. Thanks to a complicit press, he did overcome it. I recall sitting in a sports bar with my buddy the day after the election, and we both said at the same time, “We’re fucked!” I reckon so. While I believe that we may very well have one foot in the grave I am going to give every single ounce of my energy and effort to repairing this country. It just means too much. I have four kids and five grandkids. I owe them that. My parents bequeathed me a free and prosperous country and did their part to keep it that way. My Dad fought the Japanese in the South Pacific as a 16-year old Marine, and was my inspiration for spending 7 years on active duty as an Army officer. I just can’t lay down. I refuse to!


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