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How to speak Liberalese. Andrew Klavan has a clever way of making the truth hilarious.

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Mexican cartel beheads and mutilates four women on video. Hey, liberals, still think border security is BS?

The video itself is not provided here. However a link is provided, below, for anyone who would care to see it. From Truth Uncensored: In the video, a Mexican cartel that has taken up terror tactics to induce fear, recently … Continue reading

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This is funny! Westboro Baptist Church plans to picket Robin Williams’ funeral. That’s not the funny part. Watch this video. Robin would love it….

By Thomas Madison Hilarious! Watch as Aussie Adam Hills bitch slaps the morons from Westboro Baptist Church, who have become as welcome in polite company as a turd in a swimming pool.    

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Chilling ISIS propaganda video. Helpless white baby. Still think ISIS isn’t a threat to America?….

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