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ISLAMIST TRAITOR? Some Official Voices Say Obama Is One!

Written by Allan Erickson, Clash Daily It seems suddenly, official voices, in greater numbers and with increasing volume, are forcefully accusing Barack Obama of being a traitor, saying he actively engaged in helping radical Islam. Jihadists, that is, Islamists, are … Continue reading

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In the words of Martin Luther King, “I have a dream.”

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Email I received today from Colonel Riley, who has been in Washington with Operation American Spring since May 16, and promises to stay there until King Hussein and six other corrupt Washington parasites, are removed from office. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! If you live within a few hours of DC, please get there and join the effort. All you have to do is show up, even if for just a day or a weekend. Congress will do NOTHING until its members witness a sea of pissed-off patriots from the windows of their comfy Capitol offices. Please get there! Your children and grandchildren will thank you….

TREASON, TREASON, TREASON…….Can Anyone Call It Anything Else? PURPOSEFUL TREASON…OBAMA MUST GO!   Barack Obama has committed treason against the United States of America.  He has released from captivity avowed enemies of the United States, the barbaric, inhumane murders below, … Continue reading

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I amazed by the number of people in our country who cannot clearly see this. He doesn’t even try hard to conceal his anti-Americanism anymore….

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