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Obama DHS advisor, Mohamed Elibiary, has resigned.

By Thomas Madison Muslim Brotherhood supporter, DHS “Senior Fellow,” and Obama advisor (no, that is not a joke), Mohamed Elibiary has resigned his position at DHS, ostensibly to remove the heat his boss, Barrack Hussein Obama, is feeling for Elibiary’s … Continue reading

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Searching American news sources for unbiased reporting is becoming more difficult every day, especially in regard to domestic issues. I scour many foreign sources, where I find more independent, unbiased, thus often shocking stories, like this report on our border crisis by the UK’s Daily Mail. Be sure to watch the video towards the end of the story for a clear view at what is happening along our southern border….

EXCLUSIVE: ‘A lot of people die out here’ and ‘all this blood…is on Obama’s hands’: Shocking images show corpses of illegal immigrants left to die after border crossings Rancher shares grotesque photos with MailOnline, saying Obama bears the blame for … Continue reading

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by Tony Lee, Breitbart Hours before Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced he would send National Guard troops to the border, Texas state Senator Dan Patrick said there are at least 100,000 illegal immigrant gang members in the state. On Monday’s The Laura Ingraham … Continue reading

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Rick Perry deploying Texas National Guard to protect the border.

by Bob Price, Breitbart MCALLEN, Texas—Texas media outlets are reporting Texas Governor Rick Perry is preparing to deploy the Texas National Guard to portions of the Texas/Mexico border. State Senator Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa (D-McAllen) confirmed the pending announcement of Perry’s … Continue reading

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California and Texas militias joining forces to protect the border….

by Thomas Madison, Powdered Wig Society Jim Robinson posted this message to his message board, Free Republic, on the Fourth of July, regarding militia units from Texas and California joining forces to protect the border. Way to go, patriots! Ok, this … Continue reading

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King Hussein is engineering a civil war in Texas….

From NTEB OBAMA’S PROMISE TO FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM AMERICA HAS BEEN KEPT Let there be no misunderstanding, president Barack Hussein Obama has laid the groundwork for a civil war that is now about to blow the roof off this nation. He … Continue reading

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Texas Department of Public Safety and Texas Rangers surging to protect the border since King Hussein won’t fulfill his Constitutional obligation….

TEXAS APPROVES BORDER SECURITY SURGE by Bob Price, Breitbart UPDATE: Texas Governor Rick Perry, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, and Speaker Joe Straus today directed the Texas Dept. of Public Safety (DPS) to immediately begin law enforcement surge operations on the Texas/Mexico … Continue reading

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Texans are known for straight talk. This is pretty straight….

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Socialist incubator, California, loses another 5-star employer to business-friendly Texas….

Toyota’s Tax Exodus Sends Shockwaves Through Job-Impoverished California Toyota’s decision this week to leave Torrance, California, for the pro-business environs of Plano, Texas, sent shockwaves through the Southern California community where Toyota employs more than five percent of the workforce. According to MSN Money, the … Continue reading

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Place your bets, gentlemen! Texans have a knack for being imaginative, vindictive, and funny, all at the same time….

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