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Europe, are you watching? China executes eight Muslim terrorists.

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – China has executed eight people for “terrorist” attacks in its restive far western region of Xinjiang, including three who “masterminded” a dramatic car crash in the capital’s Tiananmen Square in 2013, state media said.  Xinjiang is the … Continue reading

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Kidnappers free US journalist missing in Syria since 2012

Terrorists don’t just release hostages out of the goodness of their hearts. I wonder how much money exchanged hands and/or if other terrorists were released from captivity in exchange. And I wonder how many more hostages will be taken as … Continue reading

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Remember those innocent days when all we had to worry about was terrorists sneaking across our southern border? Well, guess what?…. THEY’RE HEEEEERE!


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Watch as filmmaker James O’Keefe easily walks across the knee-deep Rio Grande into Texas, dressed as Osama bin Laden. Zero interference. Zero Security. So, tell me again, King Hussein, how secure our border is. O’Keefe: “If the President, or if Senator Reid, or anyone else tries to tell you that our borders are secure, they are lying to you.”

by Patrick Howley, The Daily Caller Investigative filmmaker James O’Keefe exposes the U.S.-Mexico border’s vulnerability to terrorism in his latest undercover project, obtained exclusively by The Daily Caller. O’Keefe’s Project Veritas video reminds viewers of recent statements by the president and Obama … Continue reading

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These are aborted fetuses found in trash bags in a dumpster outside a Michigan abortion clinic. Obviously, some of these babies were full term, probably breathing when they were murdered. We have ABSOLUTELY no standing to claim moral superiority over ISIS or other terrorist cockroaches in the Middle East, who behead innocent people for fun, as long as we are allowing this….

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Drugs, terrorists, weapons of mass destruction, criminals, illegal aliens now flow freely across our southern border, as America has not committed the resources to prevent it by securing the border. We need military assets there NOW!!!!….

Active 4-Star General: Obama’s Border Crisis Threatens America’s Existence From Capitalism Institute The ongoing crisis at our southern border is more than just unaccompanied illegal immigrant children crossing in search of family or amnesty. It is a matter of national … Continue reading

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Naftali Frenkel is an American teenager who was kidnapped in Israel by Hamas terrorists (fruit of the Bergdahl deal?) with two other teens, both Israeli. They were kidnapped on their way home from school. As Americans living in Israel, Naftali’s parents are required to pay US federal taxes, a portion of which Obama is shoveling to the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, which means that Naftali Frenkel’s parents are paying Hamas for kidnapping their son. Every day Obama’s undying support for the worst sort of terrorist scumbags adds another dangerously bizarre episode to an already dangerously bizarre world….

Thanks to Obama, Israeli Americans are being literally taxed to death By Doni Kandel, Communities Digital News GIVAT SHMUEL, Israel June 25, 2014 — Last week, three innocent Israeli boys were kidnapped by Hamas terrorists on their way home from school. They … Continue reading

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Click on the URL above the video, not the video itself. Not graphic. Iraqi Army captures ISIS terrorists. These cockroaches have been raping and beheading their way across Iraq. Now listen as they cry like babies….

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Fruit of the Bergdahl deal. Islamist terrorist group ISIS kidnaps American, Israeli teens in West Bank….

Three teenage boys kidnapped in the West Bank. by Lisa M. Ruth, Communities Digital News WASHINGTON, May 15, 2014 — The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the same terrorist group taking over Iraq, reportedly has claimed responsibility for kidnapping … Continue reading

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Why hasn’t air power been used against ISIS in Iraq? We know why the US doesn’t do it. We have a corrupt incompetent in our White House. But why hasn’t Iran, who hates ISIS, demolished them from the sky? How about Saudi Arabia? Turkey? The other Arab states in the region? They have the assets. I wonder how King Hussein’s California golf weekend is going….

by Joseph Farah, WND No one seems to know what to do as al-Qaida masses an irregular Black Flag army and heads toward Baghdad for a final showdown. What am I missing here? When the bad guys come out of … Continue reading

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