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Breaking: ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi is reportedly in a coma and being hunted by SAAF in a corner of eastern Syria. The story has been corroborated by multiple Middle Eastern news sources.

by Thomas Madison, Powdered Wig Society Update (7/8/2014, 4AM EST): When I saw this story I vetted it by corroborating with another Middle East news source. Neither are mainstream media sources, and I am a little leary as this story … Continue reading

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John Kerry (aka Lurch) is a lying douchenozzle! It has been documented over and over that the use of chemical weapons in Syria was by the rebels, not Assad….

This Is What A Liar Looks Like When He’s Frustrated by Ben Barrack, Shoebat Foundation Secretary of State John Kerry has spent years making his liberal bed; now he’s lying in it (yes, that’s a double entendre). As Shoebat.com and others have … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, in Syria, advanced US missiles have found their way to Islamist elements, aka terrorists, the same cockroaches whose favorite amusement is beheading Christians. Dear God!

US-made missiles reportedly in hands of Islamist fighters in Syria By Lisa Lundquist, Long War Journal While the opposition Syrian National Coalition, headed by Ahmad Jarba, has been meeting with US officials this week in Washington in an effort to secure further support, … Continue reading

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