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More love and compassion from the Religion of Peace. Boko Haram abducts hundreds of underage Christian girls, rapes them on video, and then executes them. Exterminate the cockroaches! If so-called “moderate” Muslims are such cowards as to allow filth like this to exist in their midst, then ban Islam altogether. It is a twisted, demonic cult, not a religion! BAN ISLAM!!!!

by Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Nigeria kidnapped 250 underage Christian girls, and brutally gang raped them over and over again before butchering them. One Christian girl curled up into a ball and begged for mercy. The Muslims got all of … Continue reading

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An up-close-and-personal look at the stark difference between the compassion of Christianity and the depravity of Islam. Muslim families selling children to pedophiles for rape sessions….

by Dom the Conservative, Mad World As Syrian civilians struggle on the streets of their war-torn cities, refugees have sought sanctuary in neighboring Lebanon. These Muslim refugees are finding that life in Islamic Lebanon is unwelcoming, leaving them in severe … Continue reading

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Doesn’t this make you all proud and warm inside? We wasted thousands of American lives and trillions of dollars helping to bring Iraq into the modern world, only to then abandon them completely for political theater. All so that King Hussein could boast that his majesty ended the war in Iraq. No he didn’t! He abandoned the Iraqi people when they needed us most, further damaging American credibility around the world. The void we left in Iraq has now been filled by Iranian-backed religious zealots, Al Qaeda terrorists, and power-hungry political thugs, motivated by oil money and the prospect of authoritarian control of the Iraqi people and their national treasure (oil). A meeting of the Iraqi parliament must now look like the bar scene from Star Wars….

Legalized Rape: Iraq Legalizes the Raping of Young Girls Starting at the Age of Nine Excerpted from Girls Just Wanna Have Guns On Tuesday, April 8, Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki’s Shiite-led Iraqi Government placed before his Parliament a bill, … Continue reading

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