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Breaking: It appears that Vladimir Putin’s plane was the intended target of the missile that took down the Malaysian jetliner. Putin has become very unpopular lately with the New World Order powers. Could they have arranged the attempted hit? I respect and admire Vladimir Putin. He is a moral leader whose sole interest is the people of his country. Putin has bucked the NWO for the benefit of his people, and the powers that be certainly don’t appreciate that…..

by Thomas Madison, Powdered Wig Society Was the Malaysia Airline tragedy in Ukraine an attempted assassination attempt of Russian president Vladimir Putin. It certainly appears that way. Vladimir Putin’s presidential plane and the Malaysian 777 were flying a near identical … Continue reading

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Obama issues further sanctions against Vladimir Putin….

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Dumber than a fourth-grader. Vladimir Putin on the American leftist elite.

I find it astounding that our socialist (leftist) elite have not learned the lessons, just by observation, of the Soviet Union, Communist China, North Korea, and Cuba. It is all right in front of them to see, and they still … Continue reading

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