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Flying illegals home would be 99.5 percent cheaper than Obama’s plan. Yeah, but then King Hussein couldn’t overwhelm and destroy the American economy, and transfer America’s wealth to the rest of the world. What fun is that for a Marxist scumbag?….

by Ernest Istook, Washington Times We taxpayers are expected to house, feed, clothe and care for almost 30,000 illegal aliens for a full year, according to the White House’s official request. That’s a small city. Instead, we could fly all … Continue reading

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Even uber-liberal Democrats are getting sick of King Hussein….

Senator Dianne Feinstein came right out and publicly declared herself very upset over the Obama White House’s in-secret 5 for 1 Taliban prisoner exchange plot.  Many other Democrats are privately sharing their “Obama scandal fatigue” as well though, widening what … Continue reading

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My vote for Patriot of the Year: The fine folks at Judicial Watch, for relentlessly staying on the Benghazi massacre; for filing the FOIA request that revealed the emails that have FINALLY led to the House Special Investigation into the tragedy in Benghazi (Obama has been so busy stomping out fires he missed this one). Hoisting a mug high to the patriots at Judicial Watch today. Thank you all!….

Where was Obama? Question resurfaces of president’s whereabouts during Benghazi attack From Fox News Republican senators on Friday put pressure on President Obama to confirm his whereabouts during the night of the Benghazi attack, after an ex-White House spokesman revived … Continue reading

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