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Former SEAL Team 6 Commander/Congressional Candidate: Invade Mexico to Rescue Tahmooressi

From Sean Brown, Mad World As the flood of illegal immigrants continues over our Southern border, one of our own Marines sits imprisoned in a Mexican jail because he accidentally crossed into the country with firearms in his vehicle and … Continue reading

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Excerpted from an article by Tony Lee, Breitbart   Forget so-called “Mexifornia.” How about the United States of Mexico? On Monday, Mexico President Enrique Peña Nieto called on other states to “evolve” like California so the United States can be more like … Continue reading

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Rick Perry believes ISIS may have already crossed the Mexican border.

Every day that our southern border goes unsecured more and more criminals cross into the United States. There is no question that many criminals, some of them Islamic terrorists, have crossed our wide-open southern border, hiding, awaiting orders or an … Continue reading

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Mexican government irate with Rick Perry for sending National Guard to protect the border

by Thomas Madison  The perfect mission for the National Guard is guarding the nation, especially our borders. That’s why they are called the “National Guard.” It’s unfortunate that the Mexican government is upset by Governor Perry’s effort to secure our … Continue reading

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Mexico, Guatemala fast-track delivery of illegals to the US. More evidence that the administration of King Hussein is involved in a coordinated effort (see: conspiracy) to move ILLEGAL aliens to the US from Central America, which will obviously overwhelm our already strained social service infrastructure, further exploit American generosity, and add to the apparently intentional crippling of the US economy, and the transfer of American wealth to those who broke our laws to come here….

New ‘Regional Visitor Card’ grants permission to travel to Rio Grande by Jerome Corsi, WND NEW YORK – Mexico and Guatemala have reached an agreement that is intended to make it easier and safer for Central Americans, including unaccompanied minors, … Continue reading

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From America’s Freedom Fighters Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi made a wrong turn and ended up in a Mexican prison. Mean while Obama has opened our borders for millions of illegal aliens and we are paying to house them, feed them, clothe … Continue reading

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