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Ferguson Media Circus Ends as New Evidence Shows Michael Brown as Aggressor

“Ladies and gentlemen, please give us your undivided attention as we rub Al Sharpton’s nose in his own doo?” Excerpted from an article by Tim Brown, DC Clothesline While the bigger story in Ferguson to me has been the militarization of the … Continue reading

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HELPING TERRORISTS: Hamas Truths the Media Won’t Share…

by Suzanne Olden, Clash Daily If you listen to any mainstream news media at all, Israel is evil incarnate, the aggressor and trying to commit genocide against the poor, poor, poor citizens of Gaza. The truth is something completely different. … Continue reading

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There should be a forced audit of the finances of these so-called news organizations. Their ratings/viewership/readership suck, indicating that income may possibly be coming from somewhere other than advertising. They are NOT reporting the real news. There must be a reason….

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American balance of power. I blame this imbalance, mostly, on our mainstream media, which should probably listed second in this graphic….

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