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Incrementalism: The boiling frog….

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“Fascism is socialism with a capitalist veneer. Hence private property is in name only.” From Constitutional Truth.

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“Hate Speech.” The foot-in-the-door for liberals to destroy the First Amendment and America. The liberal parasites in Washington (and their brain-dead followers) determine what is hate speech. Arbitrary and capricious. It they don’t like it, it’s hate speech. You say you “don’t like liberals.” Hate speech, prison, and sanctioned silence. You object to a carbon tax? Hate speech, double tax. For certain the author of this article will be charged with hate speech and targeted for punishment. PLEASE contact your congressional reps to kill this absurd, anti-American legislation. We absolutely CANNOT sleep on this one!….

Sharia in America: Democrats and Muslim Legislators seek to criminalize free speech From Pamela Geller There is very dangerous legislation making its way through both the House of Representatives and Senate that will finish the United States. The sharia bill … Continue reading

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I believe the liberal weenies at fascistbook may be at work. I have a feeling my posts are not being seen. Please “like” and comment with a “yes” if you can see this. Mucho garcia!….

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Just how much Democrat criminal corruption is enough before we finally get Obama and Reid out of Washington? King Hussein and Harry Reid should be in a cage!!!!….

    Darrel Issa has launched yet another investigation into Democrat corruption, this time concentrating specifically on Harry Reid and Barrack Obama and their involvement into BLM Gestapo-tactic land grabs (Clive Bundy). Obama and Reid didn’t want this to hit … Continue reading

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