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Another day, another court order for King Hussein and his court jester, Eric Holder, to release docs. This time for Fast and Furious, which they have withheld for two years, claiming executive privilege.

IT’S ABOUT FREAKIN’ TIME! FEDERAL COURT ORDERS OBAMA REGIME TO RELEASE FAST AND FURIOUS INFORMATION Federal Court Orders Obama Administration To Release Fast And Furious Information – Judicial Watch From The Daley Gator Judicial Watch announced today that on July 18, … Continue reading

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CRIMINAL! Obama/Holder diverting money allocated for border security to fund attorneys to help illegal aliens avoid deportation. PLEASE! I am begging you! If you live within a few hours of Washington, get there and participate with the patriots of Operation American Spring. All you have to do is show up. Congress has not made a move against Obama because they claim that there is not public support to do so. Only when they witness a sea of pissed-off patriots from the windows of their comfy Capitol offices will they recognize public support! Be that public support! Even if for only a daytrip or a weekend. Get to Washington and demand that Congress remove this outlaw and his demonic gang from our government. Your children and grandchildren will thank you!….

LAWLESS: Obama Now Funding Attorneys to Help Illegal Aliens Avoid Deportation Above: Dozens of the 47,000 illegal alien “children” who have been detained crossing into the Rio Grande Valley since January, fill Laredo, TX holding facility on Thursday. by Brian … Continue reading

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Absolutely chilling! The Hussein administration announces Domestic Terror Task Force revival. Cloaked in the scare tactic of Muslim terrorism, make no mistake that Muslim terrorists are not Holder’s or King Hussein’s targets. Their targets are those they view as extremist ideologues like me who run blogs like this, militia members, and any patriot who objects to their “fundamental transformation” of the America our ancestors gifted us with. And all the while, Americans stand by and allow it to happen. With an effort so noble and patriotic as Operation American Spring happening RIGHT NOW in Washington, they can’t get more than a few thousand participants! The Hussein/Holder “revival” is just one of the results of that apathy. Remember…. YOU ASKED FOR IT!…

Attorney General Eric Holder announced Tuesday that the Justice Department will revive a task force dedicated to preventing acts of domestic terrorism. In a weekly video, Holder announced the reconstitution of the panel, which will include national security lawyers from the … Continue reading

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ERIC HOLDER ANNOUNCES TASK FORCE FOR “DOMESTIC TERRORISTS.” If you have ever said an unkind word about King Hussein you are probably in the crosshairs….

From Truth and Action Eric Holder stated on Monday that a special task for will be created to focus on the “escalating danger” of  “homegrown terrorists.” “But we also must concern ourselves with a different type of threat. We face an … Continue reading

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