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Obama named in racketeering and corruption lawsuit for laundering money to fund Hamas.

From Bob Unruh, WND Attorney Larry Klayman, fresh off a preliminary court ruling that the National Security Agency’s spying on Americans likely is unconstitutional, now has named President Obama and others in a racketeering complaint. Klayman, founder of Freedom Watch … Continue reading

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I have discovered the problem. Palestinians are insane! 89% support terror attacks on Israel.

My message to the Palestinian people From Thomas Madison What the hell is the matter with you people? Are you insane?! You have elected a terrorist organization as your legitimate leadership, which in turn uses YOU as human shields, gaining … Continue reading

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YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! Saudi Foreign Minister: Time for Islamic World to Recognize Israel.

Awesome!!!! The most hopeful news regarding Middle East/global peace I have seen in decades! WOW, I never thought I would see this! This is very good news…  Via Breitbart: Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister said that now is the time to … Continue reading

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The moral equivalence the crybaby liberals and mainstream media (forgive my redundancy) are trying to draw between Hamas and Israel proves that they are either brainless or corrupt, and I suspect both. Watch as Pat Condell nails it….

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HELPING TERRORISTS: Hamas Truths the Media Won’t Share…

by Suzanne Olden, Clash Daily If you listen to any mainstream news media at all, Israel is evil incarnate, the aggressor and trying to commit genocide against the poor, poor, poor citizens of Gaza. The truth is something completely different. … Continue reading

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Top 7 similarities between King Hussein and the terrorist organization, Hamas….

by Jerry Novick, Clash Daily Back before the Liberals had near-total control of the public education system, we used to learn critical thinking in school. One tool we use is the “compare and contrast” essay. And while these days the … Continue reading

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‘Bout damn time! Though they would never admit it publicly, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Jordan, by their conspicuous silence, appear to be approving of Israel’s crushing of the Hamas cockroaches. Their approval, though tacit, is critical to the advancement of regional peace. In the case of Egypt they have been openly supporting Israel by destroying Hamas tunnels into Sinai, which were used to supply Hamas with weapons and other war materiel. Thus far Egypt has destroyed over 1,300 tunnels. This is HUGE, the first real sign I have seen towards a constructive peace in the Middle East. Let’s pray the anti-terrorist bud becomes a blossom that brings peace and prosperity to a part of the world that richly deserves it.

Shifting allegiances. Several Arab nations are in tacit approval of Israel in their fight against Hamas, while the United States is supporting the Hamas terrorists. the world is upside down. Now if only the US would join the right side … Continue reading

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The UN is condemning Israel for not sharing their Iron Dome technology with Hamas. What?! Hey, you parasitic morons, I have a great idea. Why doesn’t Israel build Hamas a few nukes? That should work out well, right? You people are idiots! Isn’t it well past time we got out of the UN and kicked them off of our soil? We are the UN’s biggest contributor, funding 22% of the UN budget, more than double the second place contributor, Japan, not to mention hosting the fake diplomats….

by Cheryl K. Chumley, The Washington Times The United Nations slammed Israel for possibly committing war crimes in its fight against Hamas — and then backed that accusation by suggesting the Jewish nation ought to be sharing its Iron Dome … Continue reading

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More not peace from the Religion of Peace. The ceasefire lasts 90 minutes before Hamas sneaks into Israel through one of its rat tunnels, detonates a suicide bomb, and kidnaps an Israeli soldier….

  by Andrew Marcus, The Gateway Pundit IDF soldier feared kidnapped Terrorists emerged from a tunnel shaft, and a suicide bomber detonated near soldiers prior to the suspected kidnapping; the IDF says incident is ongoing and that it is in … Continue reading

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by Audrey Russo, Clash Daily “The worst enemy is one whose doctrines are founded in hate and are thus beyond debate.” ~TOBSHA LEARNER, The Witch of Cologne From its inception in 1987, the Muslim Brotherhood’s mutant offspring Hamas has been … Continue reading

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