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Video: More from the Religion of Peace. Imam whips it out (assault rifle) during sermon.

On August 29 Sheikh Iyad Abu Mujahid Funoun pulled out an assault rifle while delivering his fire and brimstone tirade to the cockroaches congregation assembled at the Al Huda mosque in Gaza on August 29, 2014. I can’t tell exactly what … Continue reading

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Earlier today: After the IDF fired a warning shot at this target, Hamas ordered civilians to form a human shield on the roof. (Courtesy: IDF)….

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Lurch promises $47 million to Gaza, which means Hamas. Aiding and abetting the enemy of an ally may not be treasonous, but it is certainly immoral. John Kerry is no stranger to treason….

  UPDATE: From Robert Morrissey – ” Article III, Section 3. “…adhering to their(the States) Enemies…”. Brigitte Gabriel emailed me this on July 21 (3 days ago): “HAMAS is a US State Department officially-designated Foreign Terrorist Organization. According to the Palestinian … Continue reading

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