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The difference between Bush’s Iraq foreign policy and Obama’s Iraq foreign policy….

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Hey, I have an idea! Let’s stop being STUPID! This is nuts! Here’s what we should be doing about our debt to China: “Hello, Red. This is Uncle Sam. We’ve been thinking and we are tired of giving you a free trade ride. So, we have decided to impose an import tariff, effective tomorrow morning, of 100%. No, please don’t cry. I hate that! We just have to do it. We are losing our red, white, and blue asses over here and we are borrowing money from you that you made off of us. You have to admit, that’s stupid! Of course, if you were to forgive the debt that you really made off of us, then we could delay the tariff for, oh, say $100 billion a year. So, let’s see now, we owe you $1.2 trillion, so that’s 12 years of free trade until we impose the tariff. Deal?” They have to do it or crush their own economy. The most valuable thing on earth is the American consumer market, and we have been giving it away for FREE! Time to stop being STUPID!!!!….

by Thomas Madison, Powdered Wig Society OK, so I’m pining for the good old days. You know, when the future looked bright and opportunity was around every corner. When hard work meant prosperity. When Americans enjoyed the comfort of knowing … Continue reading

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