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NOT GOOD!!!! Our beltway parasites need a history lesson. The federal government’s own Bureau of Economic Analysis has released its third estimate of first quarter GDP growth. Their first estimate showed a measly 0.1% growth, the second estimate negative 1%, and their third and current estimate negative 2.9%. What should be the obvious, historical solution to our economic problem is first to cut government spending, and secondly to reduce taxes, especially capital gains and corporate taxes, which are strangling investors and preventing investment, increased employment, and wealth creation, all of which contribute again, on the backside, to tax revenue. There is historical precedent for this remedy. In 1920 our economy crashed, due to government spending to fund WWI. It was nearly a carbon copy of the crash of 2008, which we are still recovering from. Unemployment was 11.7%, and economic growth was stagnant. By simply slashing government spending, by a drastic 65%, our stagnant economy turned into a booming economy within a year, and unemployment dropped to 2.4% by 1923. It isn’t rocket science. It just takes elected leaders with common sense, a regard for history, and a collective conscience….

U.S. GDP Dropped 2.9% In The First Quarter 2014, Down Sharply From Second Estimate Comment Now Follow Comments  Excerpted from Forbes The latest data shows the U.S. economy contracted significantly more than previously estimated in the first quarter of this year. … Continue reading

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Of all of the world’s leading economic indicators, none is more reliable than…. Walmart! “For many, Walmart has become the soup kitchen of the modern day bread line. One could even argue that the only reason Walmart hasn’t yet gone bankrupt is because of the surge of monthly customers who receive Electronic Benefits Transfers from the government and head straight to the low-cost retailer to spend their taxpayer subsidized income on food, clothing and other knick-knacks they offer.”….

As Goes Walmart, So Goes America: “Major Holes Are Starting to Form In Its Business” by Mac Slavo, SHTFplan.com If there’s one indicator of the state of the global economy it’s consumer purchasing on the retail level. And if there’s one retail company … Continue reading

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“The economy is fine,” the government tells us. Here is how fine it is. #4 is beyond unconscionable! Oh, my God!!!!….

17 Facts To Show To Anyone That Still Believes That The U.S. Economy Is Just Fine   by Tyler Durden Submitted by Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse blog, No, the economy is most definitely not “recovering”.  Despite what you may hear from … Continue reading

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