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Justice Scalia nails it! Our Constitution is NOT a living document, as liberals would have you believe.

By Thomas Madison Am I a nerd for having a Supreme Court justice for a hero? Justice Scalia puts it about as simply and directly as it can be put. Words have meaning. Liberals may want to call a dog … Continue reading

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As I watch our Constitution and our country slip away, I think of this….

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Our police and our military have different missions for a reason!

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So long, First Amendment. It was nice knowing ya’. Two journalists arrested in Ferguson, MO for no reason.

by Thomas Madison Journalists Wesley Lowery, of The Washington Post, and Ryan Reilly, of The Huffington Post, were arrested Wednesday in a Ferguson, Missouri McDonald’s, which they were using as an operating base because of its WiFi and recharging outlets. … Continue reading

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It isn’t rocket science. Preserve the Second Amendment!

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Smart man!….

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Of the 535 members of Congress, I consider only a handful (less than a dozen) worthy of their elected positions, especially from the perspective of their understanding of, and adherence to, the United States Constitution, and their duties and responsibilities thereunder. Senator Mike Lee, of Utah, is clearly in that group of patriots. His understanding of the document to which he swore his oath, and his consistent obedience to same, put Mike Lee in rare beltway company. His respect of, and reverence for, our Constitution is clear. You go, Mike Lee! Thanks for looking out for all of us….

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King Hussein to America: Fuck you and fuck your Constitution! Here’s the amazing part…. “On Friday, amnesty advocates stormed Congress, demanding deportation relief for the parents of illegal immigrant children, and Obama said in his weekly address that he will ‘keep taking actions on my own’ if Congress does not act on amnesty legislation.” Are you kidding?! Amnesty advocates are storming Congress, yet Americans are sitting at home, watching television, instead of marching on Washington, demanding that Congress impeach this impostor in our White House. American apathy is destroying America and the futures of our children and grandchildren….

OBAMA VOWS TO UNILATERALLY CHANGE AS MANY IMMIGRATION LAWS AS HE CAN   by Tony Lee, Breitbart With thousands of illegal immigrant children – some of whom may belong to dangerous gangs – flooding across the border and possibly bringing contagious … Continue reading

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“Hate Speech.” The foot-in-the-door for liberals to destroy the First Amendment and America. The liberal parasites in Washington (and their brain-dead followers) determine what is hate speech. Arbitrary and capricious. It they don’t like it, it’s hate speech. You say you “don’t like liberals.” Hate speech, prison, and sanctioned silence. You object to a carbon tax? Hate speech, double tax. For certain the author of this article will be charged with hate speech and targeted for punishment. PLEASE contact your congressional reps to kill this absurd, anti-American legislation. We absolutely CANNOT sleep on this one!….

Sharia in America: Democrats and Muslim Legislators seek to criminalize free speech From Pamela Geller There is very dangerous legislation making its way through both the House of Representatives and Senate that will finish the United States. The sharia bill … Continue reading

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