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Clive Bundy’s remarks regarding liberty, tyranny, and race in America are engineered into an out-of-context sound bite by the parasitic media to make Bundy appear to be a racist….

Powdered Wig Society by Thomas Madison Remember George Zimmerman and how his words “This guy looks like he’s up to no good … he looks black,” were dissected by NBC from his phone conversation with the police dispatcher to make Zimmerman … Continue reading

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What is next for the Bundys? This is depressing as hell, but likely….

by David Hathaway, lewrockwell.com The federal response will definitely come.  It will likely be in three areas; two of which don’t involve the Bundys specifically.  First, a multi-faceted attack will be made on the Bundys; second, a broad-front regulatory response … Continue reading

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Just how much Democrat criminal corruption is enough before we finally get Obama and Reid out of Washington? King Hussein and Harry Reid should be in a cage!!!!….

    Darrel Issa has launched yet another investigation into Democrat corruption, this time concentrating specifically on Harry Reid and Barrack Obama and their involvement into BLM Gestapo-tactic land grabs (Clive Bundy). Obama and Reid didn’t want this to hit … Continue reading

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