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Ron Paul: “You cannot have open borders in a welfare state.” Truth!

The other jackboot poised to crush America’s throat (amnesty!) By Anthony Martin, Examiner Rarely has Barack Obama allowed anything whatsoever to interfere with his numerous vacations, particular when it involves his golf game. But Obama curiously left Martha’s Vineyard this week to … Continue reading

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Remember those innocent days when all we had to worry about was terrorists sneaking across our southern border? Well, guess what?…. THEY’RE HEEEEERE!


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Mexican government irate with Rick Perry for sending National Guard to protect the border

by Thomas Madison  The perfect mission for the National Guard is guarding the nation, especially our borders. That’s why they are called the “National Guard.” It’s unfortunate that the Mexican government is upset by Governor Perry’s effort to secure our … Continue reading

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Liberal rag, Huffington Post, blatantly lies about border crisis poll result….

    by John Nolte, Breitbart   For a story about a poll that shows only 13% of Americans want the children in this recent flood of illegals to be allowed to stay in America, The Huffington Post wrote this headline: … Continue reading

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Watch as filmmaker James O’Keefe easily walks across the knee-deep Rio Grande into Texas, dressed as Osama bin Laden. Zero interference. Zero Security. So, tell me again, King Hussein, how secure our border is. O’Keefe: “If the President, or if Senator Reid, or anyone else tries to tell you that our borders are secure, they are lying to you.”

by Patrick Howley, The Daily Caller Investigative filmmaker James O’Keefe exposes the U.S.-Mexico border’s vulnerability to terrorism in his latest undercover project, obtained exclusively by The Daily Caller. O’Keefe’s Project Veritas video reminds viewers of recent statements by the president and Obama … Continue reading

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Border Patrol Agent: “These People Are Coming Here to do Horrible Things.”

 by Veronica Coffin It’s  time for conservatives to stop playing into the left’s narrative concerning the invasion of America. We are under no obligation to accept the surge of illegals streaming into this country any more than a family is … Continue reading

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Groups of illegal aliens, in fatigues, armed with rifles, reported moving through south Texas. More detail on the illegal aliens who murdered American Border Patrol agent, Javier Vega….

‘We’re getting overrun and the danger is increasing… we need to open our eyes’: Sheriff leading probe into murder of Border Patrol agent claims armed illegal immigrants in military fatigues have been spotted on Texas ranches Sheriff Larry Spence of … Continue reading

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“Border Patrol Agent Javier Vega: MURDERED by two illegal aliens. Victim of lax border enforcement. Blood on hands of Congress and President.”

  by Brandon Darby, Breitbart EL PASO, Texas — The murder of an off-duty Border Patrol agent in front of his entire family has sparked outrage within the Border Patrol community. The murder occurred at the hands of illegal aliens … Continue reading

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HHS gives 16-year old Honduran girl to 42-year old male, himself an illegal alien. The girl told Baltimore County police in early June that she had been smuggled into the country. So, all you sex-starved men, legal and otherwise, call HHS and order yourselves a concubine or two, or three, or four. Yeah, this is working out real well, Hussein!

Boy, are those terrorist guys stupid! They don’t have to blow themselves up for 72 virgins. All they have to do is walk across the Rio Grande, call HHS, and order all they want!    Feds Placed Honduran Girl In … Continue reading

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Searching American news sources for unbiased reporting is becoming more difficult every day, especially in regard to domestic issues. I scour many foreign sources, where I find more independent, unbiased, thus often shocking stories, like this report on our border crisis by the UK’s Daily Mail. Be sure to watch the video towards the end of the story for a clear view at what is happening along our southern border….

EXCLUSIVE: ‘A lot of people die out here’ and ‘all this blood…is on Obama’s hands’: Shocking images show corpses of illegal immigrants left to die after border crossings Rancher shares grotesque photos with MailOnline, saying Obama bears the blame for … Continue reading

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