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Wow! HR5344, House bill to outlaw body armor. Big Bro hates when you resist his bullets!

Congress proposes new law prohibiting body armor in the Land of the Free If you have ever considered body armor, you had better buy it now, and be sure to keep the receipt! You will be grandfathered in if you … Continue reading

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by Thomas Madison, Powdered Wig Society Federal agents are actively searching for vocal critics of the government, especially those critical of King Hussein, and in particular, veterans. Watch the video below for one such case, that of Brandon Raub, a … Continue reading

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Judging by the participation in Operation American Spring I believe I know the answer to this, but I pray that I am wrong….

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Roadside tax collection. Not a minor annoyance….

by Thomas Madison, Powdered Wig Society I know with all the HUGE issues we face in America today, this may seem small, but keep in mind that these “law enforcement officers” are a part of the tyranny machine, front line … Continue reading

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When the government can do anything it wants and private citizens must get permission to do anything they want from that same government, and the answer is often “NO,” then we have reached the tipping point. It is amazing the number of people who cannot connect the dots between the government intrusion that has been increasing over the past fifty years to the liberties we have watched vanish to the certain totalitarian slavery of the future….

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Dad arrested for PEACEFULLY objecting to his daughter being required to read a book containing graphic sexual content. Move along, nothing to see here. Just Big Brother protecting you from misfits interfering with the indoctrination of your children….

Excerpted from The Blaze A parent was arrested at a New Hampshire school board meeting after he voiced outrage over a controversial book assigned to his daughter. Gilford school officials claim the book, “Nineteen Minutes” by Jodi Picoult, contains important … Continue reading

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Blogs like this one, Powdered Wig Society, are squarely in the crosshairs of career liberal parasites. How are they planning to rationalize crushing the First Amendment? Hate speech. As DHS is our fake “protector” against terrorism, so too is hate speech another boogeyman the liberals are counting on you hiding under your bed, in cowering fear of, allowing them to strip your liberties and mine. All in the name of your own faux security, of course. Big Brother taking care of you. So, until the evil scumbags (not hate speech, honesty) have successfully shut us down you can expect much more resistance from Powdered Wig Society and patriotic websites like it. Is there any question that liberals will appoint themselves the determining authority for what is and is not hate speech? NO question! Donald Sterling – hate speech. Al Sharpton – free speech. We simply cannot allow these un-American parasites (not hate speech, honesty) to destroy our Constitution….

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This Mom waits patiently for over eight hours before a Clark County, Nevada, government session to tearfully voice her concerns over the clearly evident tyranny happening all around us….

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Gulag Amerika- It’s Here….

by Michael Winter For those who’ve read Gulag Archipelago by A.I. Solzhenitsyn, they know that the term ‘gulag’ is not a ‘prison’ in the sense citizens of the USA understand what a prison to be; large buildings with little windows, a wide … Continue reading

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Government is, at every level, an insatiable beast. It has neither brain nor conscience, only a perpetually ravenous appetite. If we allow it, when it has eaten all we can give it, it will eat us too. ~ Thomas Madison….

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