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Very interesting! Ayn Rand, as interviewed by a chain-smoking Mike Wallace in 1959. Her vision was so clear, even in the very peaceful and prosperous late 50s. She would almost certainly be in an insane asylum today, unable to watch what is happening to America. Her reverence for our Constitution and capitalism is clear. Why are there so many Americans unable to see today, as her predictions are unfolding before their eyes? The only answer I can come up with is that the majority of Americans are stupid….

Shared from the facebook page of The Atlas Society.

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When the government can do anything it wants and private citizens must get permission to do anything they want from that same government, and the answer is often “NO,” then we have reached the tipping point. It is amazing the number of people who cannot connect the dots between the government intrusion that has been increasing over the past fifty years to the liberties we have watched vanish to the certain totalitarian slavery of the future….

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“Fascism is socialism with a capitalist veneer. Hence private property is in name only.” From Constitutional Truth.

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