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Joe “Walking Gaffe” Biden claims that Iraq/Afghan vets are superior to any other generation. Give him credit for realizing that younger vets can actually make it to the polls, as opposed to the 90-year old WWII vets he just dismissed as runners-up.

“I have it up to here (I envision Crazy Uncle Joe grabbing his crotch) with people talking about the older generation, how this generation doesn’t measure up,” Biden said. “You exceed the measure of any other generation.” Entertaining a crowd … Continue reading

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Obama has now turned Egypt, Libya, Syria, and Iraq into VERY expensive foreign policy fiascoes. So, why would it be a surprise that Afghanistan is now a complete foreign policy failure, where the people we are shoveling billions of dollars of cash to are ambushing and murdering our soldiers? Singlehandedly, King Hussein has done more to destroy American goodwill around the globe than anyone in history….

Afghanistan: Obama’s War by Steve H. Hanke, Cato Institute Last week, when President Obama made his trip to Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, he claimed that “America’s war in Afghanistan will come to a responsible end.” This turned out to … Continue reading

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Breaking: Sgt Bowe Bergdahl has been released in Afghanistan. “President Barack Obama said Bergdahl’s recovery ‘is a reminder of America’s unwavering commitment to leave no man or woman in uniform behind on the battlefield.'” Considering Benghazi, knowing that our Scumbag-in-Chief said that with a straight face makes me sick!!!!….

Bergdahl freed from captivity in Afghanistan by Associated Press & Jim Miklaszewski, NBC KTVB.COM The only American soldier held prisoner in Afghanistan has been freed and is back in U.S. custody after nearly five years of captivity, U.S. officials said … Continue reading

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While we are wasting money in a country that hates us and whose citizens are murdering our soldiers, our kids at home are buried under a mountain of education debt. And many of those kids have been unemployed, for years, since graduation, meaning that if they find a decent job TODAY, their credit will not be recovered until they are nearly 40 . Shameful and sinful!

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