Watch as injured white man called racist by Latina reporter, defended by black patriot


 By Thomas Madison

At a pro-America rally an ignorant Latina reporter is baiting an injured and bloody white man, who was hit in the head with a frozen can of Coke by pro-illegal immigration punks, asking him if he is a racist and questioning, does he “like Latin people.

As a white man he has no real defense against the racism charge, other than to declare that he is not a racist, which is usually meaningless to a racist making the accusation.

Enter black pastor and fellow pro-American rally attendee, Jesse Peterson, who was standing nearby. The injured white man asks the reporter how he could be a racist, as he is standing there, in solidarity, with a black man, which is when Peterson completely shuts her down with truth and logic that leaves her speechless.

If we had more American patriots like Jesse Peterson our country would be so much better off and well on the way to healing.

Barrack Obama has done nothing but create division and bitterness on both sides. He is a race-baiting scumbag of the first rank. Of course, I’m white, so saying that makes me a racist, right? Well, Obama is half white, so I only loathe the white half. Impeach the white half! See how completely ridiculous this whole race thing has become?

Link to video….


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Dedicated to the restoration of and strict obedience to the United States Constitution.
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4 Responses to Watch as injured white man called racist by Latina reporter, defended by black patriot

  1. Zee says:

    She should be ashamed of herself. People like her (usually Left wing) are the problem not anyone else. She should look up the words racist and realist…she obviously doesn’t know the difference.


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