Border Patrol finding Muslim prayer rugs in the desert along our southern border….

What This Border Guard Just Found Shows We Are Being Invaded By More Than Just Kids

“I poked a bit at it with a stick and noticed…”

Photo credit: Vladimir Melnik /

by B. Christopher Agee, Western Journalism

While amnesty proponents are quick to call on Americans to show mercy to the poor children seeking refuge in America, empirical evidence shows the threat illegal immigration poses to America is exponentially greater than the thousands of kids streaming across the border.

As Western Journalism has previously reported, the threat of gang violence and disease is a constant danger to those working along the border and the nation as a whole.

Recent evidence, however, indicates the security risks extend much further to potentially include Middle Eastern terrorists bent on destroying the U.S.

Breitbart reports this week that one member of a security team working near the Arizona-Mexico border recently found what he believes is a Muslim prayer rug. He explained that he was working in the trenches with others on his team in an effort to intercept illegals unseen by Border Patrol officers perched on nearby hills.

“That’s when I saw this thing laying around,” he said. “And I was like, ‘What the hell is that?’”

Members of his team then joined him in investigating the cloth, noting that no one wanted to handle it without knowing what it might contain.

“I poked a bit at it with a stick and noticed some of the Arabic writing and was just like, ‘Oh boy,’” he recalled.

He confirmed that this was hardly the first encounter border guards have had with Islamic border-crossers interspersed among Mexican and Central American illegals. The contractor told Breitbart that six foreign nationals – from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Yemen – identified as ‘Special Interest Aliens’ crossed the border in Texas before being apprehended by Border Patrol agents.

Increased illegal border traffic has concerned many legislators, including Texas Republican Rep. Ted Poe who believes terrorists are actively exploring ways to exploit America’s lax immigration law enforcement.

“Of course the way they would come to the United States would be through the porous border with Mexico,” he said. “The drug cartels will bring people into the country no matter who they are – for money.”

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4 Responses to Border Patrol finding Muslim prayer rugs in the desert along our southern border….

  1. Paladin Justice says:

    Reblogged this on saboteur365 and commented:
    A great opportunity for terrorists to join up with the Mexican drug gangs. Why wouldn’t the muzzies come marching in while the border is a free for all. Screw Obama and screw the invaders.


  2. Reblogged this on Arlin Report and commented:
    Muslim’s, terrorists included will take advantage of the opportunity. More days like 9/11 are around the corner, if we don’t wake up. We can not count on Obama or Congress; they are part of the problem.


  3. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    The ‘kids’ are just a cover for all else that comes across and its more than just radical Muslim’s


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