So, I was feeling nostalgic, browsing the archives of Powdered Wig Society, which celebrates it first birthday on July 20, and I came across this article I posted in October, 2013. I was struck by how much the world has changed since then. No doubt our trade imbalance with China and other countries is serious business, but juxtaposed against the problems and horrors we face today, just months later, trade and commerce issues seem tame, innocent, almost irrelevant. Except they aren’t. Trade issues are just not as important as survival, resisting an unwelcome invasion of our home, daily witnessing innocent people being beheaded by subhumans, and watching helplessly as 99% of Americans seemingly pay no attention. Dear God, how I cherish the memories and long for the days when trade and commerce were and are important. Here is the link to that post from last October….

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Dedicated to the restoration of and strict obedience to the United States Constitution.
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