Link to the Pete Santilli Show, live from Murietta, California, where protesters are assembling to prevent illegal aliens from being dumped in their neighborhood. Some pro-illegal protesters present also. The alternative media, like Pete Santilli, who was also key in relaying information at Bundy Ranch, is awesome! Powdered Wig Society is proud to be a part of that alternative media….

UPDATE: July 8, 2014, 10AM PST – Pete has been in the Murietta area for the past few days, broadcasting daily. Among notable events are Pete being pulled over and detained a few days ago. He was originally pulled over for expired tags on his rental vehicle, but was given a ticket for not being able to provide proof of insurance. Pete didn’t handle it well. He should have taken the ticket and beat it in court. Instead, he argued with the cop and was detained for over an hour. He was traveling with a group of 120 bikers, on their way to protest the imprisonment of SGT Tahmooressi in a Mexican jail. the bikers went on without Pete.

The federal government has vowed to station riot police amongst patriots protesting the dumping of illegals in their community.

UPDATE: July 4, 2014, 4PM PST – I have been listening and watching for a few hours. It is weird. There are anarchists or communists infiltrating the group of patriots, apparently in an attempt to disparage Santilli and the patriots, making them all look like radical, potentially violent dissidents. At one point Santilli’s crew left to go to a 7-11, and were followed by the group of anarchists/communists. It’s almost as if someone has given the anarchists/communists instructions to hang around with the Santilli crew and cause trouble to try to make it look as though Santilli is a part of their group. There is law enforcement EVERYWHERE! Border patrol, local cops, state cops, among others.

Pete’s broadcast goes off the air once in a while. Not to worry. He will be back on the air in a few minutes. No need to do anything. He will be back.

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