For our fellow patriots in Nebraska, We just received this email from Ted Cruz. Here’s hoping you are supporting Ben Sasse….

Dear Fellow Conservative,
Senator Ted CruzI am writing today to ask you to support Ben Sasse for U.S. Senate from Nebraska. He will be a strong defender of the Constitution. Ben has the courage and character to stand on principle, and tell the bosses in Washington, “I don’t work for you. I work for the people of Nebraska.”Ben will be a leader in the fight against ObamaCare from Day One. He has read the entire ObamaCare bill, and he has a plan to stop it.

We need more conservatives who will defend the Constitution the way that Ben Sasse will. Sen. Mike Lee and I urgently need reinforcements like Ben in the Senate.

Would you please read the below email from Ben and share it with friends? With two days to go until Election Day, I strongly encourage you to support Ben.


Sen. Ted Cruz

About thomas madison

Dedicated to the restoration of and strict obedience to the United States Constitution.
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