This is the same clown who sponsored legislation to repeal the 22d Amendment, making Obama king for life….

Half The Households Of One Congressional District Rely On Food Stamps; Surprisingly, They Elected A Democrat

By  on September 23, 2013serrano

According to The Washington Post, there are 239,061 households in Rep. Jose Serrano’s district. Of those households, 119,298 of them, or about half of them, rely on food stamps.

Now, if we didn’t politely inform you in the title (dripping with sarcasm, by the way) that Rep. Jose Serrano was a Democrat, would you have a guessed it? Shame on you if not!

In any Congressional district where the welfare state flourishes, so do Democrats. Democrats have attempted a two-pronged approach to ensure one party rule in the United States: 1) stack the courts with judges who don’t care about the Constitution but docare about the Democratic Party and 2) ensure that as many people as possible are dependent on government for their daily needs.

Sadly, they have been fairly successful.

That sameWashington Post articlehas more to say about Rep. Serrano’s district. About 41% of his constituents live below the poverty line. But who cares? The federal largesse supports them. That’s more important than having a good-paying job that enables those people to appreciate the dignity of employment and the self-respect that comes with actually earning one’s money, right?

Now, it’s possible, just possible, that The Washington Posthas published this article today in response to the efforts by those mean, nasty House Republicans to cut the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) by some $40 billion. You see, the not-so-lightly veiled message of this article is “look at all these poor people who will be affected if those awful Republicans have their way.”

The Washington Post, of course, is a charter member of the lamestream media. So, helping Democrats win elections by ensuring that our nation maintains a strong welfare state is part of that news outlet’s mission.

Worrying about the national debt is not.

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